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A Grey's Anatomy Role Play
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The Game

This is a Grey's Anatomy Role Play Game. You will not be following the exact model of the show, because what fun would that be? We do ask that if your normal show couples can stay together, they at least start off that way.

You need to be able to post and comment often to keep the game moving. If your going to be gone for awhile, please post to our OOC community letting us know.

We will be accepting new members, all I ask is to see a small writting sample at first. It can be sent to me at Tonysgirl1999@aol.com or via IM with the same screen name.

Please respect each other and have fun!!!!!

The Characters
*If they aren't listed they are up for grabs*

Callie Torres is played by dr_c_torres
Addison Montgomery is played by dr_addison_f_m
Miradnia Bailey is played by baileyseesyou